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At Big Ben, we believe it is important to extend the use of language outside the classroom and that the students should use their language skills creatively.

Every year, during the carnival season, we take a few days off from regular lessons and use the time for creative activities. In 2020 for example, we used the wizard of OZ as inspiration. The children were given costumes and asked to make their own short plays to perform for their fellow students. We have also had an Aesop week a film week and a poetry and music week.

Over the years, we have also had a Drama club. We have had end of year plays on many occasions, our last was Oliver.

Big Ben students also take part in charitable events. We have organised sports days with typical English sports including cricket, rounders and rugby with the ticket money being donated to a variety of charitable organisations.

During the first lockdown the students did a project called recording history where they wrote their thought and feelings about the lockdown and the covid epidemic. This was followed by an online Christmas party done by an English party planning company and magazine projects throughout the year.

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